Dreaming Big, Part 2.

I was having a bit of an existential crisis today: wondering where I belong, where I’ll be in six months, if I’m studying/doing the right thing…essentially the questions that plague most humans in their lifelong search for meaning. I go through periods where my brain becomes a giant soup of commitments I’ve made and eventually I try to sort them out into some kind of manageable ordered list. This process is the bane of ambitious people. 

Here are some of the ingredients to the brain soup:

  • Mechanical Engineering (Bio-applications of solid mechanical design): Pursue graduate studies, Become a PEng. I’m thinking of doing a thesis project in fourth year as a nice culmination of all the technical skills I’ve developed in my undergraduate studies.
  • Business & Entrepreneurship: I am usually pushed into business-y roles, so I may as well develop more depth to these skills. Also, some sort of formalized training in these matters may help the next two points
  • Education: Become an educator in STEM, make STEM education more accessible to everyone, recruiter for engineering, work for women in STEM initiatives or start my own. I tutor math to arts school students and I’m constantly trying to develop new methods to inspire a good work ethic and interest in their science and math courses.
  • Strength & Conditioning: Open my own gym & revolutionize weight-training education for women. I’ve sort of started the beginnings of this baby with the founding of U of T Ironsports in March 2012.

After talking with my lovely roommates (and the dog I’m babysitting) and eating some matzoh ball soup, I feel like I’ve got something to the effect of an ordered list. That is, I need to stop concerning myself so much with the order in which I do things because I’m only 23 and really I could do them all. 

As much as we can arm ourselves with a plan, there is some beauty in trying many different things and seeing where you end up. As long as you are moving, you will learn and grow from the experience. Wise words from Jane.